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Creating a Data Privacy Program for your Company

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Original Program Date :
Dec 18, 2018


Course Description

In this session, participants will gain a greater understanding of why every company, including companies in the B2B space, should have a data privacy (as distinct from cybersecurity) program. Participants will hear from panelists about key drivers that led their companies to create such programs, including a brief review of key federal, state, and international data protection laws, as well as gain tips about how to get started in the creation of their own program.

  • Necessity of Creating a Data Privacy Program (brief overview of key domestic federal, state, and international regulations); 
  • Customer demand for creating a privacy program; 
  • Key components of a privacy program (including reference to required components under the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018);
  • Vendor Relationships (due diligence, reference to Massachusetts and California privacy laws; tips for negotiating with vendors/customers)


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